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Learn how smart portal strategies can maximize Order-to-Cash

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Amalto is at the forefront of business and technological innovation to bring the next generation of Order to Cash solutions to market.

Serving companies dealing with complex processes in their B2B exchanges, Amalto leverages innovative technologies to help them address these challenges more efficiently. Built on leading-edge technologies from the design stage and constantly evolving, Amalto solutions deliver value and ease of use to all our customers.


Platform 6, an Amalto Technologies venture, provides developers all the tools they need, so they can build enterprise Blockchain-based applications in days. Platform 6 is Blockchain-agnostic and provides all the off-chain features and services required to develop, package and run enterprise-class decentralized applications. Thus, developers choose their Blockchain framework, develop their smart contracts, and get to rely on Platform 6 for all the rest.

With Platform 6, any developer can create and distribute decentralized applications leveraging Blockchain, and optionally generate revenue from application usage:
  • Build: Platform 6 provides a broad set of services and features that can be leveraged to build enterprise-class applications                        
  • Package: Platform 6 applications are easily packaged with all required resources, to be deployed seamlessly
  • Distribute: Applications are easy to distribute to customers and partners, either directly or through a marketplace
  • Run: Installing a Platform 6 application is a breeze. If applicable, users pay for usage with tokens that generate revenue for the publisher 


Ondiflo is a joint venture between Amalto Technologies and ConsenSys and a complete game changer for all ticketing-based services in the Oil & Gas industry.

Ondiflo’s end-to-end B2B Blockchain technology solution automates and improves management and delivery of the order-to-cash ticket-based services to the Oil & Gas industry, leading to substantial gains in efficiency and cost savings. The solution creates a verifiable and trusted tradable instrument for supplier financing, so vendors are paid soon after delivering products and services, leading to even more cost savings and benefits.

By combining sensors (IOTs), smart contracts in Blockchain technology, SCADA, and pattern recognition, Ondiflo improves efficiency leading to substantial cost savings for the Oil & Gas industry.



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