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Quote Automation

Receive quote requests from your customers directly into your back-office system.

A quote request materializes your customer's intention to buy and is the first step that drives revenue to your business. Automating your quote process means you say goodbye to the labor-intensive manual process and adopt a fully electronic version that easily integrates with your existing systems, enables you to respond more quickly, accelerates your sales process and helps you close deals faster.


Receive quote request in back-office.



Gather pricing information and prepare quote response.



Transform quote response to customer format.



Confirm ability to deliver.



Send quote response to customer.

Quote Requests Launch Your Sales Cycle

Quote Requests Launch Your Sales Cycle

Your customer is ready to buy and you have the opportunity to earn the business. If your quote process is paper-based and/or handled manually, there are numerous potential pitfalls to overcome:

  • Difficulty of tracking throughout the required touch points in your organization
  • Lost or missing quote requests
  • Errors as a result of manual input
  • Duplication of effort
  • Higher cost
  • Disjointed quote management process
  • Delayed response to your customer
  • Lost sales opportunities
Quote Automation Helps Land the Deal

Quote Automation Helps Land the Deal

Amalto's automated quote process facilitates the exchange of electronic documents with your customers and among internal departments. Your business will benefit from:

  • Ease of tracking throughout the process and your organization
  • Less duplication
  • Fewer errors
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower cost
  • Faster, more accurate response to customers
  • Reduced environmental impact by eliminating paper use

Amalto's e-Business Cloud enables the exchange of all electronic documents with your customers, automating key processes including quote request management. Migrating from a paper-based system to Amalto’s automated quote process enables your business to achieve not only operational excellence, but financial excellence as well.

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