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Why Amalto

Why Amalto

Meeting your organization's O2C needs through customizable, manageable, and scalable solutions.

Why choose Amalto? Our solutions are fully customizable, managed and scalable to be flexible for your organization’s needs. We offer a cloud-based platform that supports automated transmission of data electronically to keep you on the same page internally and with your Trading Partners. While improved productivity, inter-office communication, and transparency, are just some of the ways we benefit your business, it's our technology, process, portfolio, and innovation that truly set us a part.

Our Technology

Amalto's technology offers advanced, reliable infrastructure and proven performance within an intuitive mobile-friendly user interface. We provide each customer with a private e-Business Cloud designed to support fully automated exchanges of electronic business documents between their company and all its Trading Partners. It easily integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, billing software, field service solutions, databases, CRM solutions and any type of enterprise or accounting system. Field data capture capabilities allow your field workforce to use their mobile devices to effectively capture data, while reporting capabilities allow you to generate multiple types of configurable reports and gain access to real-time business data. In addition, Amalto's iOS apps allow you to quickly and easily monitor your KPI from your smartphone or your electronic watch.

Our Process

When it comes to B2B, EDI and integration, Amalto provides a fully-managed solution. Your new e-Business Cloud will be designed, implemented and managed by your dedicated Amalto team. You’ll also receive end-to-end management from deployment to adoption. Trading Partner on-boarding, key performance reporting and result tracking are also included. In addition, any mapping, configuration, transformation or connectivity problems will be handled with our advanced 24/7 technical support and monitoring services. You can expect that all of your transactions will unfold effectively; any issues will be addressed and corrected immediately.

Our Portfolio

We know that when it comes to the Order to Cash process each industry presents different challenges. Amalto has experience working with Fortune 100 companies and small-to-medium enterprises in a range of industries, from business and environmental services to Oil & Gas and Transportation. Explore our client case studies to learn more about how other companies have already benefited from our services.

Our Innovation

Amalto is consistently and continually exploring emerging technologies to ensure we always provide the most cutting-edge solutions. Even highly complex B2B exchanges and processes benefit from our innovative, evolving technologies and approaches. We have facilitated native XML databases, private cloud-based B2B integration platforms, and peer-to-peer data exchange (JXTA stack). Amalto also owns three patents related to our innovation in B2B document exchange solutions. Bring us your greatest challenges and we will help you to find the ideal scalable, customized and fully-managed solution.


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